Nocki™ Smart Lock

$97 $213
NOTE: This special price is only available for customers who have already purchased a previous lock.  

☑️ Protect your home from burglars

☑️ Lock and unlock your door remotely

☑️ Never worry about lost and forgotten keys

☑️ Give unique access to guests and family


MANAGE PERMISSIONS – Choose who gets access to your lock and when with scheduled permissions and temporary access rights

MASSIVE DATABASE – Our lock can recognize up to 100 different fingerprints and passcodes, making it perfect for any number of potential (permanent and temporary) users

REAL-TIME TRACKING – Use the Tuya Smart App to get instant notifications on your phone and see who is using the lock at any given moment

EVENTS LOG – If you need to check who used the lock lately, you can always retrace the events through the log on the Tuya Smart app

BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY – Use Bluetooth connectivity to lock and unlock your door in one touch through the Tuya Smart mobile app

AUTO-LOCK – With the auto-lock feature, there is no need to double-check or waste time locking the door when you’re in a hurry.

ANTI-HACKING AND ANTI-TEMPERING – The lock uses advanced technology to make it extremely hard to break by either brute force or hacking

WORKS IN ANY WEATHER – The lock is waterproof and rustproof. You can use it even in the harshest climates, and it will continue to work for years


SUPER EASY TO INSTALL – Compatible with almost any door that has a thickness between 35-65mm (1.3-2.55 inches), no wires or drilling is required to set up the lock.

UNLOCK IT ANY WAY YOU WANT – Depending on the model you choose (see the comparison table below), the Nocki Locks can be unlocked in multiple different ways: through the Tuya Smart App, with your fingerprint, with a mechanical key, with an access card or with a passcode.

POWERED BY 4 AA BATTERIES – The lock lasts an entire year on 4 AA batteries. For emergency uses, the Nocki Enhanced Lock and the Nocki Expert Lock also feature a micro-USB slot to insert an external power bank. 

NOT JUST FOR PERSONAL USE – Our locks are perfect for personal use but also great for AirBnB hosts, landlords, offices and shop owners.


We offer three different locks: Standard, Enhanced and Expert. Choose the lock that best suits your needs by looking at the comparison table below. Choose the lock model and the lock color you want at the top of this page.


  • Compatible Smartphone: iOS 7.0 or above / Android 4.4 or above
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Power Supply: 4x AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Compatible Door Thickness: 35-65mm (1.3-2.55 inches)