EXTRA Nocki™ Expert Lock

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Add another Nocki™ Expert Lock to your order for an EXTRA 54% off (you save $146)!

Normally: $270
On this page: Only $124

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MANAGE PERMISSIONS – Choose who gets access to your lock and when with scheduled permissions and temporary access rights

MASSIVE DATABASE – Our lock can recognize up to 100 different fingerprints, making it perfect for any number of potential (permanent and temporary) users

REAL-TIME TRACKING – Use the Tuya Smart App to get instant notifications on your phone and see who is using the lock at any given moment

ACTIVITY LOGS – If you’ve missed who used the lock lately, you can always retrace the events through our event logs.

WORKS OFFLINE – You don’t need to rely on WI-FI to access any of the features

AUTO-LOCK – It automatically locks the door behind you when you leave. No need to double-check or waste time locking it when you’re in a hurry. 

ANTI-HACKING AND ANTI-TEMPERING – Our lock uses advanced technology and design to make it extremely hard to break by either brute force or hacking

WORKS IN ANY WEATHER – The lock is waterproof and rustproof. You can use it even in the harshest climates, and it will continue to work for years. 


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